Salt Lake City Air Route Traffic Control Center


Welcome to the Salt Lake City ARTCC on VATSIM (ZLC). We are an inclusive group of professional air traffic controllers, providing service in areas including Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.

Kaylan Fullerton
Air Traffic Manager

Online Controllers

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Airport Weather

ICAO Rules Wind Baro
KSLC VFR 130@06 30.10
KBIL VFR 310@08 30.17
KBOI VFR 180@04 30.01
KBZN VFR Calm 30.17
KSUN VFR 310@09 30.16
KGPI VFR Calm 30.14
KGTF VFR 220@07 30.20
KHLN VFR Calm 30.17
KIDA VFR 330@04 30.14
KJAC VFR Calm 30.23
KMSO VFR Calm 30.13
KOGD VFR 150@09 30.10
KPIH VFR Calm 30.12
KPVU VFR Calm 30.13
KTWF VFR Calm 30.07